The Zoning Department wants to remind all property owners that zoning permits are required to build, erect, move or relocate any structure onto your property. Zoning permits are required if you are doing this activity anywhere in the following towns: Bradley, Corning, Harding, King, Merrill, Russell, Schley, Scott, Skanawan, Tomahawk, and Wilson, or within the shoreland zone (1,000 feet of a lake, pond or flowage or 300 feet of a river or stream) in all of the unincorporated areas of Lincoln County.

Permits are required to pave driveways, install patios and retaining walls or to create other hard surfaces on shoreland properties as well.


Additionally, sanitary permits are required when building a residential structure in all townships. Local building inspectors cannot issue a building permit for a home without having proof that county zoning permits have been issued. If you have questions about the need for a permit, call the County Zoning Department at (715) 539-1087.