Recycling Award

*One of the goals identified in the DNR’s climate action plan for 2021-2025 is to reduce per-capita food waste disposed of in Wisconsin landfills by half by 2030. In recognition of this important goal, food waste recovery or diversion programs were an emphasis of this year’s awards. These 2021 winners are contributing to the diversion of food waste or scraps from landfills.

The Town of Russell is pleased to announce we received an Honorable Mention Award for our recycling efforts and annual “Clean-Up Day”.


The town of Russell held a community clean-up day in June. Items accepted for no charge included appliances, select tires, batteries, farm equipment, fuel oil tanks, scrap metal and other metal items. Items collected for a fee included televisions, computers, monitors and other tires. The clean-up day helps decrease illegal dumping by providing a local opportunity to properly dispose of many materials.

Wisconsin Recycling Excellence Awards | Wisconsin DNR