Town Clerk

At the Annual town meeting on April 20th, the town board presented Linda Dorgan with a plaque honoring her 45 years of service to the Town of Russell.

Linda has served the Town of Russell and our community selflessly for 4 1/2 decades.  She has seen many changes in our town, including many town board changes.  She has helped each board transition into their role and kept everyone on task.  She has seen our community grow and kept things in order behind the scenes.  Her efforts and role often unnoticed.  Linda humbly went above and beyond in her duties as town clerk.  As a lifelong resident myself, I was naive to the vast array of duties she held and took care of.  

In this past month as I step into the role as your new town clerk, I have learned that I have extremely large shoes to fill.  I am thankful for Linda’s help during this transition.  There is so much to learn, thank you to the town residents for your patience during this time.

THANK YOU Linda for your years of service and dedication to our community.  In my opinion, if there were a key to the city, you certainly would be deserving of receiving it. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!


Amy Brown